Ukraine is facing major floods

It is time for Ukraine to take urgent measures to avoid the catastrophic consequences of landslides, floods and hurricanes in the future, experts say.

According to meteorologists, natural disasters will intensify in future, and the consequences will be more devastating.

"It seems to me that we have come to some sort of a limit line of what we have done with nature, and in 10-20 years we will break this limit, and all following disasters will be catastrophic – a lot of victims, huge damages – says the chairman of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine Yaroslav Movchan. – There is the inertia of the nature’s possibilities, it used to balance, but it will soon collapse, that is, water in the mountains will not be held any more, the water in the rivers will overflow, and eventually dams will begin to fall".

Experts believe that intensifying landslides and floods are the result of construction of houses on shores, plus the construction of dams, bridges and storage reservoirs. The reason of landslides in the Carpathians is believed to be massive deforestation, which started in the postwar years, and in the Crimea it is the lack of natural beaches.

The reason of more frequent whims of nature is also the interaction of natural anomalies associated with global warming and the movement of tectonic masses as well as the human factor: a seasonal norm of rains may fall in one day and then the region suffers from months of drought.

According to environmentalists, it is impossible to prevent all floods, but we can try to reduce the damage and the number of possible victims.


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