UAH 49,000 was allocated for the sterilization of homeless animals in Uzhgorod

"Friends, we’re so happy! The second stage of our project "Uzhgorod – a humane city" has been greenlit! 
Uzhgorod city council has allocated UAH 49,000 for sterilization of homeless animals! 
Probably many of you remember that we collected signatures in support of our petition "Uzhgorod – a humane city" and thanks to you we collected the required number of votes in just a few days. Many animals have already been sterilized thanks to this program." – the author of the post reminded. 
"This year, the city has already allocated funds for the sterilization of homeless animals. Many such operations have been carried out. All photos of sterilized animals are in the eponymous album of the group Help a friend on FB. 
Unfortunately, last time the number of people who asked to help the animals in their districts significantly exceeded our financial means. That’s why we ask you not to wait too long and call us as soon as possible," – the volunteer emphasizes. 
Animal rights activists also ask Uzhgorod residents to support their project for the sterilization of homeless animals and animals of low-income people by voting for the project of the Uzhgorod Budget of Public Initiative 2021 "Uzhgorod – a humane city".

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