UA: ZAKARPATTYA is launching a new project (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Today, at 19:45, the program "Constituency" with the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Robert Horvat will air on the Public TV of Transcarpathia, which broadcasts under the "Tisa-1" logo.
The team of the socio-political programs is working on the project. The first issue of the project "Constituency" will be with People’s Deputy Robert Horvat.
"I care about owners of cars with foreign registration, but when we were working on this law at the committee, the task was to regulate all participants of the car market in Ukraine. Those are 8 million car owners who paid all taxes, – Robert Horvat said in an interview for journalists of the Public TV. – My position is this: I predict that 30% of the owners of cars with foreign registration will be dissatisfied with the laws, all the rest will register their cars in Ukraine".
More on the Public TV channel of Transcarpathia "Tisa-1" at 19:45, as well as on the official page on Facebook.

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