Tyachiv and Rakhiv citizens, who revitalized in Svaliava district within the social initiative of Vasyl Petiovka returned home healthy and happy

New dwellers of mountain regions keep on coming for health improvement to the sanatorium ‘Kryshtaleve dzherelo’ in Svaliava district. Those who have already passed the 10th day course are going home already. Satisfied, cheerful and happy people eagerly shared their impressions.

The main profile of health and sanatorium institution ‘Kryshtaleve dzherelo’ is the gastrointestinal tract treatment. It is possible to do it there thanks to its unique healing properties of ‘Luzhanska’ mineral water, which vacationers take 3 times a day. A lot of people from abroad even come here. People spend a lot of money on such recovery. That is why we want to express our sincere gratitude to the Deputy Vasyl Petiovka for the unique opportunity for dwellers of mountain regions to become healthier.

Every month as a part of Vasil Petiovka social initiative almost fifty Tyachiv and Rkhiv district citizens improve their health in ‘Kryshtaleve dzherelo’ sanatorium. Vasyl Vasylovyvych has repeatedly emphasized that the Transcarpathian citizens also must have an opportunity to use health improving sanatorium institutions of the region, not just be a part of the staff for visitors. The project will last until the end of the year, therefore many people will be able to improve their health and have a rest. 


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