Two Ukrainians tried to carry over 9.5 kilograms of amber to Hungary

 More than 9.5 kilograms of amber was found by border guards of the Mukachevo Detachment at the crossing point "Luzhanka" on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.

About 23.00, two citizens of Ukraine aged 42 and 28 years came to the checkpoint on foot. The behavior of the women and unclear answers

on the presence of items prohibited for transportation across the border immediately attracted the attention of border guards. Border guards initiated the inspection

of their personal effects together with customs officers. 

 As a result of the inspection, the checkpoint workers found in their bags polyethylene packages wrapped with adhesive tape. The packages contained 478 amber stones weighing a total of 9 kilograms 520 grams.

 Reports on administrative offense against the Ukrainians were drawn up and the amber, the cost of which will be established later, was confiscated.

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