Two Staffordshire terriers attacked a woman in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

An extraordinary event happened yesterday, February 16 at about 6 pm in Uzhgorod.
Roman Kornilyak wrote about a dog attack on Facebook.
Below is the original post:
“Today, on Kyivska embankment, at about 6 pm, a woman walking her dog on a leash was attacked by two Staffordshire terriers of yellow-brown and black color. The dogs were being walked without leashes. Trying to save her dog, the woman also got her leg bitten. The owners of those dogs did nothing to stop them. They hid. The woman got her wounds on the leg stitched, the doggy is in critical condition, they are waiting for veterinarian.

If you witnessed it and saw the owners, please call 0506645880”


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