Two Moroccans were detained near the Ukrainian-Slovak border

Border guards of the Chop detachment apprehended two illegals who were trying to get to Slovakia bypassing checkpoints. 

A border patrol from the department "Uzhgorod" found a trail of human footprints 150 meters from the state border. They reported it to the border guard unit, and the response team with a dog was sent there. The dog immediately picked up the trail, and as a result of the search, two African men were apprehended.

 The offenders had carefully prepared for the "journey". They chose the easy route, through a flat area near settlements. In addition, both were wearing camouflage clothing. However, despite all their efforts, the illegal immigrants failed to escape from the border guards, and they were detained just when they were hiding in the bushes.

  The foreigners were citizens of Morocco. They had identification documents on them. Currently, both offenders have been brought to the border guard unit "Uzhgorod" to carry out verification measures and to prepare relevant procedural documents. After establishment of all the circumstances of the offense, they will be brought to administrative liability under Part 2 of Article 204-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses "Illegal crossing or attempt to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine". 

Press Service of the Chop border guard detachment

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