Two Moldovians were trying to illegally come to the EU by Google maps

Last weekend Chop border guards detained illegal immigrants who were trying to get to the EU. In this case, border guards of the "Huta" unit detained two illegal immigrants on their way to Slovakia.On the outskirts of the state border, the guards discovered tracks of two unidentified persons and instantly began to search with a dog. Already in 15 minutes they detained two men without documents. The detainees said that they were citizens of the Republic of Moldova and confirmed to border guards their intention to illegally get into one of the countries of the European Union "due to a difficult financial situation at home." The "travelers" also noted that for the routing they used the online service Google maps and a compass.The offenders were brought to the unit in order to clarify the circumstances of the offense and make administrative and procedural documents. Now they are awaiting a court decision that will determine the punishment for the criminal offense.

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