Two-meter python which escaped from Uzhgorod citizen’s house was found…at home

This was reported to by the New Channel correspondent in the Transcarpathian region Vitaliy Hlahola, who, in fact, was the first who reported about the reptile’s disappearance.

As it turned out, the albino tiger python whose name is Petro Borysovych (apparently due to the fact that the owner’s name is Borys) did not crawl outside a room where was located a terrarium, but peacefully had a rest on the bookshelf. 

The disappearance of two-meter serpent caused a real sensation not only in Uzhgorod, when the residents of adjacent buildings, for obvious reasons, were shocked.

As it was previously reported by, reptile escaped from its terrarium on Monday.

Tiger Python is not poisonous. It strangles a prey with the body rings and then swallows. For a six-foot python a human (and even a small child) is not a potential prey because of the large size, unlike for adult reptiles, reaching lengths of 8 meters.

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