Two Mercedeses collided on the bypass road, one is upside (PHOTOS)

Today, at about 11.00, in Uzhgorod, an accident happened near the intersection of Timiryazev st. and the bypass road. Two Mercedeses collided – an SUV and a minibus. As a result, the jeep overturned and is lying upside down on the roadside. 
According to the eyewitnesses, the blue minibus was driving at normal speed from the border. Meanwhile, the SUV was standing on the right side of the road and suddenly, when the minibus was close, it drove onto the road and began to turn around.  
Fortunately, there were no casualties. The driver of the minibus got a bruise and a scratch on his arm, the woman driving the SUV suffered a little more, but her life does not seem to be in danger. First aid was provided by employees of the establishment located near the scene of the accident.
Photos by Kostyantin Cherkay. 


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