Two immigrants from the Caucasus region were detained by Chop Border Guards

Local residents helped with the detention of another group of illegal immigrants on the territory of Border Guard Service department ‘Velykyi Bereznyi’.

‘Velykyi Bereznyi’ border guards department received information about movement of two unknown individuals in the direction of the Ukrainian-Slovak border in the evening on July 10. Taking into account the possible development of the situation a head of the department increased border guards’ security on the possible direction of unknown and sent operational group in order to check information. And already in 30 minutes as a result of border squad interaction two men were discovered and arrested, after overcoming the barrier fence. Perpetrators could not provide any documents that would proof their identity, the country of their origin they named Georgia.

Detainees were brought to the Border Guard Service department ‘Velykyi Bereznyi’ in order to clarify the circumstances of the offense and draw up administrative and procedural documents. Decision under the law their destiny will determine the court – the press service of Chop border squad.

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