Two Georgians “stormed” the border on the territory of the “Knyahynya” unit

Lately, the border guards have been often detaining illegal migrants who use the Internet as their "guide". This was once again confirmed by yesterday’s detention of illegals by border guards of the Chop detachment on the Ukrainian-Slovak border.

Two men, born in 1986 and 1988, who had legally come from Georgia to Ukraine, decided not to stay here for a long time, as they were intending to get to Germany. However, without appropriate documents for legal trip to the said country, they decided to enter the EU through Transcarpathia. Using the Google maps service, they planned their "route to the dream" through the Carpathians. When they were about two kilometers away from the border with Slovakia, all their plans were ruined by border guard unit of the "Knyahynya" department. The men had no IDs, and told border guards that they were from Georgia.

Currently, the men’s identities and the circumstances of the offense are being established. The decision on legal liability and their future fate will be taken in the court.

Source – Press office of Chop border guard detachment

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