Tuition fees for some specialties in UzhNU is too high – thinks Acting Rector

Vitaly Nikolaychuk, an interim rector of UzhNU, yesterday, May 29, at a meeting of the Academic Council, said that tuition fee for some specialties is too high and it just deteriorates the situation with already low enrollment of students. One of the lecturers said: "One day of studying at some specialties costs more than at Harvard".

Nikolaychuk streesed: "We are looking forward to the admission of applicants and fees like to manna from heaven". The current interim rector would like to have more foreign students – they pay almost three times more than Ukrainian ones. There are 25 foreign students in UzhNU at the moment and they pay in total 355 000 hryvnia per year.

Dean of UzhNU Faculty of Dentistry Professor Yuri Peresta said, we should try to get 100% of students in terms of the license set. And for this we have to stop infighting and start working. Because the majority of departments have 20-60% shortfall, those of part-time have up to 80% shortfall, which is nearly 40 million hryvnia of missed university funds.

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