Truck with radiation level was detained by the Transcarpathian border guards

The Ukrainian registration truck ‘Volvo’ with trailer arrived at the state border of Ukraine checkpoint for the road traffic ‘Uzhgorod’ on May 31, at 10.30 p.m.

The stationary radiation detector ‘Yantar’ worked during its passage to the border and customs registration place, that is why the mentioned vehicle was removed from the general flow on the ground for detained cars with dangerous goods. The fact of exceeding the established gamma background norms was confirmed in the course of the primary inspection conducted by the border guards and environmental services checkpoint staff. According to the goods supporting documents, it was found out that the cargo, which was sent from Italy to Ukraine are the sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of hydrocarbons, halogenated paints, ready binding mixtures, which are used in the foundry molds or cores.

The Chop Border Guards Squad representatives and the State Environmental Inspection in the Transcarpathian region, who arrived at the border checkpoint ‘Uzhgorod’ yesterday, after the vehicle and cargo identification, which was conducted with the help of the radiation monitoring devices made in Russian Federation and Germany, they established the presence of radioactive element Ra226 (Radii 226) of natural origin.

According to the Environmental Inspection, the given excess of the allowable radiation level is the current legislation of Ukraine violation, therefore this vehicle with the cargo will not pass in Ukraine and will be returned to the sender.

It should be noted that the observed excess of the radiation safety norms do not threat to the environment – informs the Chop Border Guards Squad press service.

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