“Truck protest”. Collapse at the exit from Uzhgorod: people blocked the road! (+ VIDEO)

The intersection at the exit from from Bercheni street to Uzhgorod bypass road is blocked.

The video of that was posted in the group "Uzhgorod" on facebook.

People are constantly walking on the pedestrian crossing, thus blocking vehicular traffic.

As you know, recently, a huge queue of trucks consisting of more than 350 vehicles has formed on the bypass road. .

This is probably what upsets the protesters. According to townspeople, truck drivers and local residents, who are affected by this situation, are taking part in roadblocking. The only demand is to "let the trucks through".

According to journalist Olga Blonska, "truck drivers blocked the road. According to them, they have been waiting to cross the border for 3 days, which resulted in a 10-kilometer-long queue. The police reported that the work at the customs office had been suspended because of a broken scanner."

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