Troubles on the border between Hungary and Ukraine: 16 corrupt customs officers were arrested (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, February 26, at the checkpoints "Luzhanka – Beregsurany" and "Kosyno-Barabash" (according to unofficial data), Hungarian special services conducted a special operation. That is why border crossing through the checkpoints was temporarily blocked.

Today, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Hungary told about the details of the operation at the border. It became known that, in total, 16 customs officers suspected of bribery, as well as one civilian were detained.

The special operation involved officers of the Investigative Committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the National Security Service, the Anti-Terrorist Center (TEK) and the special unit of the Hungarian police.

The customs officers, who worked at the checkpoint "Beregsurany-Luzhanka" are suspected of organizing a corruption scheme, which has been in place since at least November 2018. The customs officials demanded bribes in cash from people who were moving goods from the territory of Hungary to Ukraine and waiting for the custom duty refund.

Based on the evidence and grounded suspicions of corruption, the Debrecen Regional Prosecutor’s Office granted permission to conduct a search and detain customs officers at several checkpoints.

At present, 16 Hungarian customs officers are in custody. Also, a civilian citizen suspected of giving a bribe was questioned. The Debrecen District Court is considering other restraints.

Here is the video of the detention at the border from the Hungarian police.



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