Travel agencies lie to Ukrainians about prices of trips, earning on margin

This summer, Turkish and European hotels significantly reduce prices for tourists. However, the Ukrainian travel agencies tell clients about a growing cost of holidays and earn money on big difference in prices for holidays.

According to  "Delovaya Stolytsa" ("Business Capital"), because of the economic crisis this summer, Europe is luring tourists with additional discounts. For example, this season in Greece prices in most hotels have decreased by 10%, and some are ready to give up 20-25%.

According to the newspaper, the cost of a double room in a good three-star hotel now costs around 40 euros, and the apartments of the same comfort – 20 euros per day.

Also, due to economic problems in May, Spain has cut the prices in its hotels by 7-10%. Furthermore, Greece and Spain have significantly eased visa conditions for tourists. The activity of the Greeks and the Spaniards forced other countries to reconsider the tariff policy too, primarily Turkey.

In this situation Ukrainian tour operators verbally confirm that the cost of holidays in Europe has decreased indeed, but many prefer to remain silent about the discounts. Thus, if Greek and Spanish hotels offer a discount of 10-15%, in a package holiday the discounts for prices for accommodation do not exceed 3-5%, or do not exist at all.

As the newspaper notes, Ukrainian travel agencies earn a considerable margin on uninformed tourists. Thus, European hoteliers, who hoped to attract more tourists with the help of discounts only contribute to the enrichment of Ukrainian tour operators.

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