Transcarpathians in recent months have dramatically changed their political preferences. Poll

What are the electoral preferences of Transcarpathians two months before the election? Carpathian Polling Research Center conducted a case study in the region. The survey was conducted from 8 to 26 August, and covered 9000 respondents. Deputy Director of the Sociologist Center Nataliya Dyachun commented on the survey results, scince the electoral mood, as the data show, significantly changed over just a few months. Nataliya Dyachun analyzed positions of contestants in each district. (since the survey was conducted at the request of the famous sociological agency in Donetsk, the numbers will be published only in two weeks).

"If we review total results, we will see that Transcarpathians are now extremely oppositional. The first place in the region by a wide margin got the United Opposition, followed by UDAR. "Nasha Ukraina", Party of Regions and "Svoboda" are struggling for the third position – said Nataliya Dyachun. – In terms of districts positions of political parties as follows:

No. 68
1 – UDAR
2 – United Opposition
3 – PoR

No. 69
1 – United Opposition
2 – UDAR, closely followed by PoR

No. 70
1 – United Opposition. Here it is unattainable for other political rivals.
2 – UDAR
3 – PoR

No. 71
A good job in Irshava and Hust allows the United Opposition to keep its leading position. 2-3 positions are divided between PoR and UDAR, that has the weakest position here.
No. 72
Oddly enough, this region, which now votes for the Communists, then gives their votes to President Yanukovych, this time clearly supports the United Opposition.
2nd, 3rd, 4th positions (PoR, UDAR, "Svoboda") are very close to each other and create some intrigue.

 No. 73
Quite interesting district, which is dominated by the Hungarian speaking electorate. It is obvious that the leader of the race will change here. Currently, the 1st position with a small margin is occupied by PoR, the 2nd – by the United Opposition, the 3rd – by UDAR with significant growth rate. If trends in this district continue, the PoR can fall to the 3rd position. What causes that? The regional policy and work of Cabinet of Ministers in the social sphere.  And ridiculous political statements on regional languages ​(deputy Chechetov’s statements about the Hungarian language and the statement of region council deputy Zakurenyy that the Hungarian language in Transcarpathia can not become regional).

No. 68
Currently, former Mayor Serhiy Ratushnyak narrowly leads, followed with great pace by P.Chuchka, V. Smolanka, V.Kovach.

In districts 69, 70 and 72 according to Nataliya Dyachun, we can say that "elections have already taken place." Here leaders are out of reach of other competitors. In district 69 Victor Baloha leads, Oleksandr Kemenyash is leader in district 70, Vasyl Petyovka – in district 72.

In district 73 with a margin of 10% from the rest leads Ivan Baloha, 2nd goes Miklos Kovacs, 3rd – Ivan Bushko.

In district 71 electoral change occured, which is sufficient for victory, but not for political psychological confidence. Longstanding leader (Stepan Derkach) failed to keep the main bases and rhythm of his competitor – Pavlo Baloha, who is on the first position.

As for candidates from Transcarpathia, who as of today go to Parliament by party lists, they are Valeriy Lunchenko (United Opposition), Valeriy Patskan (UDAR), Nestor Shufrych and Serhiy Moshak (PoR).

Nataliya Dyachun also said: there is a great likelihood that the UDAR party can take the first place in at least 4 of 6 districts. "Intrigue of the next two months for political scientists and sociologists is that for the first time the ruling party does not participate in the political struggle for 1-2 places – said Deputy Director of the Carpathian Polling Research Center.


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