Transcarpathians have reacted to the appointment of Knyazev

Today, the Government appointed Serhiy Knyazev as the head of the National Police. Transcarpathians have shared comments on this matter on FACEBOOK.

Volodymyr Feskov

"Avakov knows how to have it his own way…
From my own experience talking with Knyazev. And we have talked repeatedly and in different situations.
He is not a bad cop. But he is not a good one either. Not the one who has to continue reforms and realize the vision. Rather, he is a good soldier. He would often say that: we are military people, we do what we are told to)    With the appointment of Knyazev, the police become henchmen of the minister, who can hardly be called a reformer, but who is an intriguer, a manipulator. The society loses. And this is a serious challenge for the reform, that puts it at risk.

The only thing I cannot not forget is how concerned he was about children from Donetsk and Luhansk region, that were in the European camp in Transcarpathia. For a moment it seemed they melted the armyman’s heart, leaving just a humane officer, who was sad when answering simple questions of children: how is my village? what is with the residents? when we can go back home? He was compassionate, and these kids were important for him
Hopefully, at some point in time, he will also hear the people tired of the police; waiting for real changes in law enforcement. I want to believe."

Mykhailo Kamenev: "I also think Knyazev is like a soldier. There is this army quality about him that is frightening, given his possible future position."

Yevhen Rakhimov Also we should remember the election in 2015, when the "soldier" obediently followed the order not to respond to the total vote buying.

Vlad Mykyta The Insider checked the fortune of his family. 

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