Transcarpathians complain that T2 digital TV is not working

According to the Transcarpathians, instead of 32 announced free TV channels, some people have only 16, others – 8, while yet others have none at all, the reported.

An entrepreneur from Mukachevo, who sells receivers, said that over the past week people from different districts of the region, who have purchased receivers, have been complaning that they are not working. But it turns out that the problem is not in the receivers at all. There is just no signal.

In the social network Facebook, residents of Transcarpathia provide different data, even in Uzhgorod different people have different number of channels, from a full package to 8.

Representatives of the ZEONBUD company, which is building the national digital TV network, do not explain the reason, why some people do not receive all the channels, chalking it down to many factors – from the receiver and the antenna configuration to the coverage area, and generally ask to write an information request.

Representatives of the company say that people, who have problems with the T2 TV, need to call their hotline. Then, they will find out the reason.

At the same time, on their site, you can find a table with the location of transmitters and TV channels numbers in different cities, their range.


According to the table, transmitters are located only in 6 district centers of the region. Each receiver has its own range. In Uzhgorod – 25 kilometers, in Mukachevo – 20 kilometers.

And in Vynogradiv and Tyachiv, for example, according to the list, there is none.

Recall Ukraine has abandoned analog TV, and is gradually switching to digital.

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