Transcarpathians are invited to talk about condominiums

Crisis of the housing area or revival of old houses? Condominiums are being actively created in Uzhgorod. By July 1, Ukrainians should decide if they want to create condominiums or stay under government management. 

Everything about the specifics of exercise of ownership rights in apartment buildings and the support and effective implementation of the law. The discussion with experts on the housing sector, lawyers and heads of condominiums will take place live on May 27 at 19.25.

Telephone of the "hot line" (0312) 61-61-91.

Leave your questions here. During the live broadcast, you will be able to leave your questions on the page of 

the National TV Broadcasting Company of Ukraine Branch "Transcarpathian Regional Directorate" – Tisa 1, Tisa FM on Facebook network

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