Transcarpathians are invited to commemorate those who died at the Debaltseve bridgehead

These days, Ukraine again feels the pain in the heart, which is associated with one place of our Donbas…

"Transcarpathian Legion" invites you to remember and commemorate.

"Debaltseve. "Russian world" changed it.

It is no longer a major city of regional significance, but destroyed fates and ruined buildings. Ukrainian soldiers were defending this piece of land cold days and nights, under the fire, under the attacks of the prevailing enemy’s forces… But on February 18, 2015, they had to retreat.

Unfortunately, some of our brothers will remain forever at the Debaltseve bridgehead, in our memory and in our hearts. You will be able to commemorate them tomorrow at 11:00 in Uzhgorod, at the Kalvaria, and at 12:00 in Mukachevo, at the Central Cemetery.

Glory to the defenders of Ukraine, who perished for their land".

With these words, the command of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade invites you, Transcarpathians, to the commemoration.

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