Transcarpathians are invited to a hunters’ holiday (ANNOUNCEMENT)

The Transcarpathian Regional Forestry and Hunting Range Administration invites all Transcarpathians and guests of the region on May 26 to celebrate the new international holiday, "Day of the Hunter," which will take place in Vynogradiv district, the village of Shalanky.

 The holiday of hunters is planned to be introduced to support and develop hunting, as well as national customs of the multinational population of Transcarpathia.

Program of the holiday: shooting competition, demonstration of hunting dogs, specialized equipment, exhibition of hunting trophies, tasting of hunters’ food and much more. In short, all guests will find something to their liking. For the visitors with children, there will be a playground.

 Hunters will be shooting targets. A delicious hunters’ dinner will be prepared for all guests. Soloists and groups will present musical and choreographic numbers, while taxidermists will present their best exhibits and modern methods of trophy decorating.

 The program of the holiday also includes a display of works of photographers, animalists, landscape painters, carving on hunting themes and making of hunting souvenirs, imitating the roar of hunting animals, dishes of the hunting cuisine.

 The solemn opening of "Day of the Hunter" is at 13:00.

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