Transcarpathian writers said goodbye to the old year

"The Last Page of the Year" is the title of the meeting that took place at the regional organization of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. Gathered in their family literary circle, they summed up the year. The head of the regional union organization Vasyl Husti thanked his colleagues for creative, social and cultural work, which this year was active and effective. The writers remembered with gratitude all those who have been supporting them during this difficult time.

Poetess Lyudmila Kudryavska told how 45 years ago, as a very young girl, at the sililar pre-New Year’s Eve meeting, she had the pleasure to hear congratulations to colleagues and friends from Mykhailo Tomchaniy, Yuliy Borshosh-Kumyatsky, Ivan Chendey, young Petro Skunts…

According to the tradition, "The Last Page of the Year" featured poetry by Nadia Panczuk, Yuriy Shyp, Lydia Povkh, Serhiy Fedaka, Mariana Neimet. Congratulations of literary critics, Ph.D. Nadia Ferenc and Oleksandra Ignatovych were also poetic in spirit. 

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