Transcarpathian women that dramatically changed their lives

These women dedicated a good chunk of their lives to one profession and then dramatically changed their lives in a very unexpected way. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day the "Zamok" spoke with Transcarpathian women who had the courage to choose the other way in life, and have never regreted it. And also they shared their views on the 8th of March.

From seamstress – to prison guard

Senior lieutenant and I category junior inspector Tetyana Shymko has 15 years working experience in Uzhgorod prison. By education the woman is a light industry engineer. Over 11 years Tetyana worked at a sewing factory. "I worked at the machine, then I became a foreman – she says. – And then I did not want to continue working in this field and in 1998 I came to work in prison. I became a junior sergeant, worked at the control desk. Eight months later I went to study in Dniprodzerzhynsk.

At first it was difficult to work with prisoners… And now I am used to it and understand that everyone requires an individual approach.  Family and friends were initially against me working in the prison. Only father-in-law supported me, because he used to work there too. Now they all got used to that, everything is fine."


Tetyana always celebrates International Day for Women with her colleagues – in the prison it already became a tradition. "I have already prepared cards for our women!   March 8 is the only day like this in a year, so we go to a restaurant to celebrate. Us, women, should love and respect ourselves. Then we will have woman’s happiness. And the best gift on this day, I think is a smile of a man."

From physics – to origami

Oksana Libak dedicated about ten years to the work at the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Uzhgorod National University. She had worked there until 1996 and then changed the profession. Now Oksana teaches children the art of origami in the group of "Geometric modeling" at the Transcarpathian regional center of scientific and technical creativity of youth.

"For me it was not a radical change of profession. The situation in the country became different, my supervisor, who has blessed me for the new stage in life, died. By that time, I had been thinking about doing polygonal transformations for several years. Of course, it was very nerve-wrecking. Some people supported me, others said that it was nonsense – folding some papers … But soon I found adherents.

Now I understand what I’m doing, I like it, and life has become easier. What I like about origami the most is the search for new forms. And mathematics and physics still inspire me.

The International Women’s Day, in my opinion, is a relic of the past. Of course, extra attention will not harm. However it is ridiculous that they give only one day in a year to make women feel special."

From bookkeeping – to yoga

Svitlana Chernyahova worked as an accountant over ten years. Today she is a yoga instructor."There is a wisdom – to follow whatever leads you. In my case, everything changed because of the turn of circumstances. When I came to yoga I began to appreciate every day, I saw changes in my life and now I share experience with people. First of all yoga is a change not of a profession or position, but of the very lifestyle, the way to perceive the world."

As for the International Women’s Day, she notes: yoga completely rejects the concept of "a holiday once a year." Every day is equivalent and multifaceted, and such "distinction" does not make it special.

"You can say that now I have a holiday almost every day – Ms. Svitlana smiles. – I feel the harmony with the surrounding world, and this harmony is in everyday life. It is worth to look at the world wider, to value every day and not to distinguish any special days. And the cut flowers, which they give to women on March 8, in my opinion, are not very nice gift. It is better to go somewhere out of town and enjoy the wildlife. Especially, when the weather is nice and sunny."

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