Transcarpathian witches invite! On October 31, a little creepy, but kind event will be held in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

It is possible to do good even using scary images and mystical elements! Of course, they will be purely as decoration and humor, because the goal is fun and charity!

The Movement to Support Transcarpathian Soldiers traditionally invites to the witch party on October 31 on Teatralna Square.

This time, on the eve of the All Saints Day, there will be various entertainment and fun contests – for the best, the most original looks, as well as funny children’s competitions. There will be valuable prizes for winners!

Of course, it will not do without thematic treats and interesting photozones. Ukrainian and, in particular, Transcarpathian mystical themes are welcomed. Also, using the popular Halloween elements, the organizers will offer delicious pumpkins and more!

Teatralna Square, October 31, the beginning is at 17.00!

This is how it was in 2017!

And this is what the "Witch’s place" tavern was like in 2016!

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