Transcarpathian winemaker… Oleg Skrypka (PHOTOFACT)

Well-known musician, frontman of the group "VV", popularizer of Ukrainian culture and the founder of the "Krayina Mriy" festival, Oleg Skrypka will become a winemaker! And he will be making wine with the Transcarpathian grapes.

Mr. Oleg was "caught" in Beregovo district – at the vineyards of the leading wine-making company of the region "Chateau Chizay". It turned out that the musician was being consulted by the experts of the winery and also looking for the grapes he plans to make his brand wine of. 

As you know, brand wines are a popular trend in Europe, and many stars have wines with their own brand name. 

Oleg Skrypka plans to gather grapes and control the entire winemaking process himself.

We are waiting for music and winemaking news!

Photos from facebook pages of Vitaliy Glagola and the director of the "Chateau Chizay" winery Anatoliy Poloskov.


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