“Transcarpathian wine”: the largest producer of the region invites to create a quality brand of the region together

1,088,000 grape seedlings. That is almost one bush for every Transcarpathian. This is the current statistics of vineyards in the largest wine-growing region.

Since 2010, wine has been produced here only from the harvest of its own vineyards, which were planted in 2006.Today, their total area is 272 hectares in three districts of Transcarpathia. There are several wine product lines, including premium ones, and they can boast a whole new level of quality, which is confirmed by a number of medals from international exhibitions and tastings. Here, they try to give new glory and the best status to the brand "Transcarpathian wine".       

Anatoly Poloskov, the director of the "Iceberg LTD" JS, emphasizes: "I think that now is a very good time for the advancement of winemaking in Transcarpathia, in particular, due to the increase of tourist flow to our region. For many people, our land is associated with vineyards and wine, so what is the best time to develop the industry if not now? To our great joy, the culture of wine consumption is growing. We see it even from our statistics: the share of dry wines is increasing.   After all, those are the very drinks that allow to understand wine, to comprehend all the nuances that can exist in the grapes and in wine itself."


… Sometimes, there is a tendency towards less respect and attention to local product than to imported, and here, they want to ruin this stereotype, especially since there is now a tendency in the world to prioritize local producers: it is good for ecology, for economy, for the development of the region. We talked about this with Mr. Anatoly. He emphasizes: the main market is the Ukrainian market, although they supply wines to the USA, Australia, Canada, Nigeria…

In order to make one of the main features of Transcarpathia – wine – known by more people, the leading wine company of the region and organized the seminar Chateau Chizay Academy for guides from all over the region, as well as guests from Lviv region.


The seminar was opened by the chairman of the Association of Sommeliers of Hungary, the founder of the Hungarian Academy of Gastronomy Zoltan Schlesak. Someliers and the company’s managers delivered two lectures: "History of winemaking and viticulture in different cultures and epochs" and "Modern wine production and the culture of its consumption". The participants visited the vineyards in the Mala Hora and even had the opportunity to cut vines during the master class on grape bush shaping. Leading wine-grower of Tokay Dyuri Rovzha together with the masters of the company Stepan Orban and Atilia Tovt taught how to work with the noble vine. Also, the participants were presented new tourist products and attended wine tasting where they were told about the intricacies of this process, and at the round table, they discussed the main problems and prospects of wine tourism in Transcarpathia.

During the conversation with the guides, the wine-makers said: the best thing is when visitors of Transcarpathia bring home unique impressions – an emotion. Therefore, they are planning to arrange some interesting projects with the original tourist activities, and such educational events inspire and bring like-minded people together.


The seminar is the first, but not the last educational event planned here, besides, they are always open to all questions about their own production, ready to conduct a tour of the production facilities and to show the product, and soon, with the start of the tourist season, they will present new activities in wine tourism.

A new line of vintage wines will be released there in a while: new barrels made of French oak only recently were filled with the best wine materials from local vineyards (mostly dry red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir), and the wine must ripen for a year and a half. Then the wines will have the status of vintage wines, and in four seasons, they will acquire the collection status. But this is a whole new story, a story that is happening today in our beautiful land, which has every chance to get the image of not only a tourist paradise, but also a place that has a priceless brand – "Transcarpathian wine".


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