Transcarpathian vineyards are in the list of national heritage

Odesa Tairov Institute included the vineyard of a Transcarpathian – the famous wine grower and gardener Natalia Martyshynets-Babota – to the register of national heritage of Ukraine. According to Novyny Vynogradivshchyny, last year the commissioners examined the slope of the Chorna Hora Mt., which had been conquered by this amazingly hardworking and energetic wine grower and gardener. Everything – lists of her varieties, which currently include about 120 of them, and the achieved results – were included in the official protocols and recognized as rightly deserving to be considered a national heritage of Ukraine.

By the way: the members of the "Chorna Hora" club – growers, winemakers, gardeners – come together when there is any necessity. And now, with the advent of spring, the same as every year, the question of ordering new grape varieties has arised. Since these stems are expensive, one wine grower is financially incapable to purchase them. Therefore it was decided to do it jointly, in equal shares, as farmers are interested in new varieties. This year members of the "Chorna Hora" club will receive many varieties from the Odesa Tairov Institute which will send them for testing.

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