Transcarpathian UNP lost its domain for language policy

Domain name, which belonged to Transcarpathian regional organization of Ukrainian National Party (UNP) was blocked recently by the service administration. The UNP members assume that the loss of the domain is connected with the filling of materials in defense of the Ukrainian language, which could irritate the Russian owners of the service.

Leadership of the regional UNP outraged because, they convince that it was paid on time for the domain. ‘When the money went to the regular service, and functionality has not changed, we began to write to the support service. There were no responses even after the dozens of letters.’

According to the head of Transcarpathian regional organization of UNP Ivan Gabor, ‘The domain was blocked immediately after the publication of material about the ‘Language bill’ of Kolyesnichenko-Kivalov in which was said that the old Kremlin’s dream came true to break Ukraine along the Dnieper, and a number of publications and comments in defense of the Ukrainian language’ – such an assumption was made ​​by Ivan Gabor, when it became known that the service mylivepage is registered in Novosibirsk (Russia) by Mr. Igumnov.

Recently information is stored and available at:

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