Transcarpathian traveler in China dubs local films in Ukrainian (PHOTOS)

Transcarpathian Yuriy Bordun is a traveler, hitch-hiker. For more than two years, he has been living in China, where he dubs Chinese movies in Ukrainian, the Varosh informs.

"The main goal of my trip was to learn about the country, which has many myths and stereotypes associated with it, and where a quarter of all humankind lives. I am currently working as the deputy director of the department of education at one of the training centers specializing in the development of social skills in children aged 3 to 10. Also, I occasionally conduct excursions for Russian-speaking representatives of a Chinese oil company, who come for training. Another very interesting job is dubbing of Chinese cartoons and films in Ukrainian," – the man says.

Yuriy says that it is a very interesting experience, because the whole team is Chinese. One of the series "My father in Law" will soon be aired on Ukrainian television. "My character is looking for love and helping his daughter. When he is diagnosed with cancer, he starts to take everything life has to offer. As a result, he gets better," – Yuriy says.

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