Transcarpathian Traffic Police warns drivers: heat is a factor of high risk

According to the forecasts of the Transcarpathian hydrometeorology center high temperature will remain on the territory of the region.

Traffic police reminds that such a temperature control is a factor of high risk for all the road users. Many people, especially elderly ones feel weakness, dizziness; their concentration and speed of reaction on various traffic situations become reduced.

State traffic inspectorate recommends drivers to plan their trips, especially over long distances, in these days taking into account weather conditions. Be sure take with you cool water in sufficient quantity and necessary medicines. Try to wear free, permeable clothing, avoid the usage of fatty and salty foods. Park in the shadow if it is possible and ventilate the passenger compartment before starting movement. Do not leave children and animals in a closed car, even for a short period of time.

Check the technical condition of car before the trip. In hot weather, the special attention should be paid to the engine cooling system, the oil level, the condition of brake pads and the tire pressure.

TP Department of MIA of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region

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