Transcarpathian team will make Ukraine laught in the show “League of Laughter”!

Transcarpathian team "Tyap-Lyap" (Uzhgorod) today finished their performances at the 2nd Festival of Humor "League of Laughter" which was held in Odesa. 

20 teams (including the Transcarpathian) were selected to the gala concert, where they were competing for 14 seats with 7 coaches of the project. 

During the competition program, no coach took "Tyap-Lyap" to their team. 9 of 14 seats were taken in the competition… The teams for the remaining 5 seats had to be determined in "battles". 

After all 20 performances, coaches consulted and took another 4 teams without battles. 

So, our countrymen and a team of Dniprodzherzhynsk competed for the last seat in a battle. 

In the end, the famous humorist Anton Lirnyk chose "Tyap-Lyap" for his team!!! 

Congratulations to the guys on this important achievement which they had been long and hard striving for, putting a lot of effort!

 The broadcast of the League of Laughter gala concert is scheduled for 20 and 27 of February on 1+1 TV channel! 

We will be cheering for our guys during the season! Well done! 


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