Transcarpathian shopping complex changes its name because of the excesses of “Berkut”

One of the oldest shopping complexes in Transcarpathian region "Berkut" is being renamed these days after more than 25 years of fair and transparent work in the field of construction services.

– We can not continue to work under the name that was completely defamed, discredited and tainted with blood by the eponymous police unit. The death of innocent citizens is on their hands. We share the grief of the victims. As a sign of mourning and solidarity with all of Ukraine and Maidan, yesterday we removed the flags from all branches of our company – the CEO of the complex Andriy Suhay said.

Trading Firm "Berkut" (Golden Eagle in Ukrainian) has been working in Transcarpathia since 1988. According to the founder Andriy Suhay, then, they were long thinking of the name, and finally chose as their symbol a proud, strong, invincible, freedom-loving bird, which is associated with mountains, our land and the best human qualities. Now, when the eponymous police unit with its bloody immoral actions discredited the word, the construction company decided to change the name.

– Legally it’s a difficult job, because we will have to change hundreds of documents, accumulated over a quarter of a century. In addition, we have not yet decided on a new name. Hopefully, our many clients and supporters will help us in this. Therefore, we are announcing a competition for the best name, waiting for proposals, and then will determine the winner. Then, immediately we will start the formal process of renaming, – Andriy Suhay said.               


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