Transcarpathian robber arrested in Prague

Last week, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine received materials from the Prosecutor General of the Czech Republic on the detention of two Mukachevo citizens. Czechs reported that on December 1, 2009 Milan J., born in 1980, together with Daniel S. born in 1987, having applied physical force, caught Anastasia M., born 1984,  in the yard of a house on K.Behovitsum street in Prague and together with her broke into her apartment, where they stole 37,800 dollars, 10,000 euros, 20,000 kronas, two watches of the brands "Gublot" and "Omega", two watches of brands "Chopard" and "omega" and a digital camera "Sony". The damage makes 1 million 370 thousand CZK. One of the robbers has been arrested, and now he is in custody in the Czech Republic. Another one is wanted.

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