Transcarpathian rivers are among the cleanest rivers in Ukraine

Recently representatives of the American company "Waterlife. Earth" conducted the research of water throughout Ukraine, – the reports.

Many factors were taken into account, including natural uniqueness, ecological status, suitability of water for consumption, and the presence of certain microorganisms.

Thus, according to the research results, the cleanest rivers in the territory of our state are in the Carpathians. The list of winners includes water arteries of Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

So, the list is topped by the Limnytsya, which runs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.  The Chorny Cheremosh is on the second place.

And the third place is occupied by the Rika, which flows through the territory of Khust district and recently was in the epicenter of a scandal because of the construction of mini-HPPs.

The Uzh, despite the laments of local environmentalists, is on the fourth place.

Meanwhile, the queen of Transcarpathian rivers, the Tisa for some reason, is as low as on the eighth place in the ranking. Probably because it is quite polluted. There is a lot of plastic waste in it, and a number of industrial enterprises discharge sewage into it. It is a pity that the local population does not appreciate the invaluable legacy inherited from nature.

The Latorytsya closes the rating. 

As for the lakes, the Synevyr is the sure leader in this list. It is indeed considered to be the cleanest lake in Ukraine. No wonder that the second name of the lake is the "Sea Eye", the water in it is really cold and clean.

So, our land is really rich in unique reservoirs. Therefore, our task is to preserve them for future generations.

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