Transcarpathian rescuers will be inspected during a week

Starting today and during the whole week, the inspection of civil protection and technogenic and fire safety will be taking place in Transcarpathia. The commission consists of experts from other regions of Ukraine, the chairman of the commission is the first deputy head of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine Oleg Melchutsky. They will be checking Uzhgorod, Svalyava district, Polyana united community, and, especially thoroughly, Perechyn district. Last year, during the comprehensive inspection, the district received an "unsatisfactory" rating, the M-studio informed.

The commission will check the documentation and readiness for emergencies. In the districts, that are not in the list, they will be checking the documents. The secretary of the commission Serhiy Suslov, says: in total in Transcarpathia, there are about 50 issues to be eliminated.

Summing up of the inspection results will take place next week.

Before the meeting with representatives of all subdivisions of the region and the departments of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Oleg Melchutsky met with the head of the Administration Hennadiy Moskal. They discussed the allocation of funds from the Reserve Fund of the State Budget to relieve the aftermath of the March 12-13 hail, which was classified as an emergency situation of the regional level.

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