Transcarpathian rescuers continue to liquidate flood consequences

As of 06:00 on November 9, no residential homes, yards and farmland in the region are flooded, the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region informs.

On most rivers, a significant drop of flood water levels is observed. The rise in water level is observed on the Tisa river near the town of Chop (the maximum water level is expected on November 10 without negative consequences) and on the Latorica river near Chop, water is breaking onto the floodplain (on November 9, the formation of the maximum water level is expected).

As of 17:00 on November 8, the works to eliminate consequences of emergency at the city water intake in Perechyn have been completed. At 18:00 centralized water supply was resumed in full. The control of chemical and bacteriological quality of water is being carried out.

On 11.08.2016 at 16:00, there was an extraordinary meeting of the commission on technological-ecological safety and emergency situations of Perechyn District State Administration (minutes number 15), where this incident was classified as manmade emergency of local level.

In total, since the beginning of the work, as of 06:00 09.11.2016, units of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region have pumped out about 6130 cubic meters from 50 households (including 36 basements of residential buildings) and 2 basements of facilities (kindergarten and tourist base).

For evacuation and passage of water, cleaning of roadside drainage ditches on the territory of the settlements, the following personnel and equipment was engaged:

– from the State Emergencies Service Office in Transcarpathian region – 55 people and 16 pieces of equipment;

– from Perechyn City Council – 4 people and 2 pieces of equipment;

– from the Main Office of the National Police – 15 people and 5 pieces of equipment;

– from the Road Service – 27 people and 9 pieces of equipment;

– from the Tisa River Basin Water Resources Administration – 75 people, two pumping stations and 11 pieces of equipment.

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