Transcarpathian regional television celebrates the 50th anniversary. “Tisa-1” turns 15

How television came to Transcarpathia and what stages of formation it went through in its history – read below.

On December 5, 1945, the Committee for Radio Information under the Executive Committee of the Transcarpathian Regional Council was already functioning in Uzhgorod. This is the first recorded date in the Transcarpathian Regional State Archive on the history of local television and radio broadcasting.

In 1963, the construction of a TV tower in the village of Yarok began in the region, and in 1967 the Transcarpathian Regional TV Studio aired its first own TV program.

The next major milestone that changed the previous paradigm of local television broadcasting was the rebranding of the company. In 2005, the Tisa-1 TV channel was established, which unusually started in Uzhgorod on the 49-decimeter channel.

The following year, Transcarpathian State Television, the first in the country among regional studios, started broadcasting via satellite, for the first time completely covering the territory of the region and the whole of Europe.

Well-known TV journalists will tell about the Transcarpathian regional television’s history and future on the Facebook page "Tisa 1". There will be a chat where you can ask questions.

So, on Saturday, June 6, on Journalist’s Day, watch the stream on this page.

The beginning is at 21.00.

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