Transcarpathian region prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings against the owners of the Ukrliskompleks

The inspection of the cars with timber, that the "Ukrliskompleks" LLC tried to export to the Czech Republic, revealed the scheme for export of industrial wood under the guise of firewood.

Thus, the enterprise founded by Russian citizens indicated in the shipping documents information about "Firewood in the form of logs, twigs, sticks, branches, etc." under the code 4401 10 00 00, whereas in fact it was raw wood under the code of 4403 which is prohibited for export. In addition, according to the customs declaration, the wood exporter is the "Ukrliskompleks" LLC which has not received a certificate of approval for the goods, and therefore has no right to engage in foreign trade activities. 

The inspection also revealed that the exported wood does not comply with the certificate of origin of timber by geometrical parameters. The "fuel wood" was larger in size than that stated in the declaration, and this is an evidence that under this certificate the company with Russian capital tried to export abroad the timber other than the declared.
Transcarpathian region prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings against the owners of the "Ukrliskompleks", 28 cars of wood were arrested and are material evidence in the proceedings.

– While the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine appeals to the GPU and the Security Service of Ukraine and complains about losses from the demurrage of the railcars in Transcarpathia, we have revealed corruption scemes for export of wood introduced by the very State Agency – H. Moskal said. – I have enough experience in law enforcement to know such frauds and bring the guilty parties to justice. Corruption schemes for the export of wood, firstly, provoke a mass felling of Ukrainian forests, and, secondly prove that the State Agency can not effectively manage forest resources. Forestry management should be carried out by regional state administrations, like it was before Yanukovych presidency.

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