Transcarpathian practice of waste sorting (PHOTOS)

Since the summer of 2013, the system of selective waste collection has been introduced in the villages of Verkhni Vorota and Abranka in Volovets district in Transcarpathian region. In each of these mountain villages, there are 20 containers for the collection of glass and plastic, first of all, PET bottles – 1.3 m3 for plastic and 0.7 m3 for glass. A 2 m3 container accommodates about 200 kg of glass and 12-15 kg of plastic. Every two weeks, procurement firms take the collected recyclables from the containers. During the program, 180-200 m3 of plastic and 75-85 m3 of glass was removed from the villages, or in terms of weight – about 2 tons of plastic and about 23 tons of glass.

Projects of introduction of selective waste collection in mountain settlements are implemented by Verkhni Vorota and Abranka village councils in partnership with the organization "Ecosphere" (Uzhgorod) with financial support from the State fund for the support of local self-government in Ukraine and the Charitable Foundation "Krona"/Niko.

The program of selective waste collection includes not only installation of the containers to collect recyclables from the population, but also educational and informational component.   They conduct trainings, talks to schoolchildren, exhibition of drawings, wall newspapers, theatrical performances, quizzes, environmental campaigns for the improvement of school yard.


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