Transcarpathian policemen learn to use “electronic bracelets”

   Under the new Criminal Procedure Code, this year in Ukraine. the innovation of the European type was introduced in the police – electronic controls used when a preventive measure, other than imprisonment, is applied to a suspect (accused). These devices allow to control the location of a person without taking them into custody.

       In pursuance of the provisions of the CCP, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine adopted the provisions on the use of electronic controls, developed guidelines that determine the procedure for their use by investigators and police officers.

    Recently, the lecturer of the criminal proceedings department of the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Police Major Mykhailo Klymchuk spoke to Transcarpathian police officers about the application of electronic controls. In particular, at the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs he delivered the lecture on "Practical aspects of electronic controls application in the work of law enforcement." The Kyiv guest explained the hearers the procedure for application of house arrest, told how police officers should act in such cases, and told about electronic controls. However, in Ukraine they have been purchased in insufficient quantities, primarily because of their high cost (several thousand per one unit plus salary for operators to serve the equipment), and courts have already started issuing rulings on the application of electronic controls. Because of that a legal colligion arises. Therefore, one of the deputies of Ukraine registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill to suspend the application of electronic controls until 2014. The deputies must take decision.

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