Transcarpathian policemen detained a truck with illegal timber (PHOTOS)

In the village of Lopukhovo in Tyachiv district, law enforcement officers stopped an "Ural" loaded with almost 50 cubic meters of wood without chips. An investigation has been initiated.

Yesterday, at around 5:00 pm, officers of the Dubove patrol police stopped the driver of a truck "Ural". The reason for stopping was a violation of the traffic rules by a 37-year-old resident of the village of Krasna in Tyachiv district. The truck’s trailer was loaded with 48 cubic meters of fir wood.

During the inspection, it turned out that the driver did not have the appropriate documentation for the carriage of wood. In addition, the trunks were not chipped. The truck and the cargo were taken to the impound lot of the Dubove Police Station. An investigation over the incident was initiated, during which policemen will find out the origin of the timber and the purpose of its transportation.

Source: National Police in Transcarpathian region.

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