Transcarpathian police was left without the chief

After a meeting with the Head of the National Police of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kantsidaylo resigned as the Chief of the Main Office of the National Police in Transcarpathian region

On his FB page, Roman Keleman noted: “After my post about the rape of a minor by a National Guard soldier, an investigation into the actions of the police leadership in Transcarpathian region was carried out. The chief of the police Kantsidaylo was summoned to the Head of the National Police in Kyiv. After talking to him and reports from certain services, the chief of the police in Transcarpathian region, Kantsidaylo, resigned. So, Transcarpathia is once again without the police chief. The Head of the National Police decided to personally select a candidate for the chief of the police in the region, taking into account the specifics of the Transcarpathian region.”

The reasons for this decision are currently unknown. There is also no information on who can head the Transcarpathian police.


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