Transcarpathian police officer encourages mothers not to believe scams that ask for money in return for their sons freedom

Transcarpathian journalist and activist, and recently a patrol police officers Yulia Dub reported about egregious attempts of scams.Here is what the girl writes:

Yesterday, we had two calls, when women said that unknown persons had called them and introduced themselves as police investigators. First, the "investigator" says: "We arrested your son with drugs", then he can pass a phone to a person pretending to be that son who implores the mother to help. Any woman, who loves her children, at this moment is ready to do anything to save her son. At this point, the "investigator" goes like, "We can make a deal… You have to transfer (the sum may vary) to the card account which I will tell you. You don’t have mauch time. All clear?". 

Fortunately, these two women did not become victims of scams, because they had heard about such methods of money cajolery, they began to ask many questions and fraudsters hung up. But once I saw in the bank a woman who was begging to transfer 40,000 UAH to such "investigators" to save her son from prison. She did not want to call the police, because she was sure that her phone was tapped.   I called the police and 15 minutes after their arrival, the embarrassed mother was talking with her son on the phone and could not believe he was just sleeping at home after night shift and that nobody had detained him.

So, please, warn all your friends about such scammers. Tell them that if they receive such a call, they should report it to the police and then call their sons and their friends, girlfriends, wives, etc. And do not panic!!! Because your panic is 85% of success of the scams.

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