Transcarpathian police caught a hacker from Velyky Berezny

A resident of the Transcarpathian region used malware to hack computers. The man will be prosecuted for illegal actions  
The 18-year-old resident of Velyky Berezny district was engaged in the so-called "encryption" of malicious software, ie made it undetectable to anti-virus software. 
After people installed malware on a computer, third parties were able to illegally access files stored on it. 
Now, under the procedural control of the Uzhgorod District Prosecutor’s Office, the man was indicted of cybercrime. The 18-year-old resident of the village of Luh is charged with Part 1 of Article 361-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, ie creation of malicious software or hardware for its use, distribution or sale, as well as its distribution or sale. The sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for up to two years. 
The case is under pre-trial investigation. 
Communication department of the Transcarpathian regional police  

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