Transcarpathian pedophile “I’m not interested in adult girls, only boys, especially young ones …”

Twice convicted guy who was given shelter by the priest, molested his young grandchildren. Recently the pervert was sentenced to 15 years in prison

"Do not do people good and they will not do you harm." This sad folk wisdom from time to time receives proof in real life. This is illustrated by the trial that just ended in Transcarpathia.

Master of the house trusted his ward so much, that left him to care for kids

Anatoly was raised in an orphanage. When his father died, his mother remarried and the stepfather did not accept the stepson.     In winter 2006, he was caught stealing and got three years in prison. However, the court took into account that the guy was brought to criminal responsibility for the first time, so they set him on probation for two years and released from custody. A year later, Anatoly again was caught stealing and he got real three years imprisonment.

After two years he was released on parole.       

Recently Anatoly lived in his native village. He still had no place to stay and spent nights on the farm. Finally the village priest noticed a homeless 24-year-old boy. He sincerely decided to help a man trapped in a difficult situation. Last summer, the priest invited Anatoly to help him on the farm, and for that he gave him food and pocket money. It seemed that Anatoly began to change – stopped drinking, stopped smoking. Therefore, in the autumn, when cold came, the priest invited the boy to live in his family. He completely trusted his ward. He gave him the keys to the house and even left to look after his young grandchildren – two year old boy and five-year girl.

But soon the kids’ mom suspected something was wrong, pointing out the strange behavior of the children. She called her daughter and began to ask about Anatoly. Initially, the girl did not want to talk (as it turned out, pervert ordered the children to remain silent, threatening to beat them), but then shel told everything. That Uncle Tolya would take them in a shed or on pasture, that he would undress the little boy …

The woman told her husband and her father-in-law about it. A few hours later Anatoliy was detained by the police.

– On the first questioning the detainee confessed – says the investigator Roman Helchinskyy. – As it turned out, during six days that Anatoly lived in the family of the priest, he eight times forced the boy to satisfy his lust.   

But, after having spent some time in prison and receiving advise from his cellmates he started to deny. He admitted only one episode, and as for the rest, he says, that he was forced to confess.

At trial, there were parents of affected children. The couple were restrained. Some of them even said: "God will judge him, and we do not bear grudge." 

The court sentenced Anatoliy to 15 years of imprisonment. As for the children, they were consulted in psychologists and for some time will be under their supervision.


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