Transcarpathian ofganization of the Writers Union elected a new chairman (PHOTO)

Regional writers elected their official representative unanimously

On April 28, in Uzhgorod, there was a report and election meeting of members of the regional organization of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. The head of the organization Vasyl Husti – known poet, novelist, translator, winner of the regional awards – summed the results of his work for three years in the office.     

Vasyl Husti described the years 2012-2015 as "troubled, financially poor and full of unprecedented social and political upheavals," but assured that the regional Union organization was not only a witness but also an active participant in the events. 

Along with that, there have been many cultural events in the life of the union over the last three years. First of all, it is the addition of six new members to the organization. So now the regional organization of the NUWU has 37 members, three of which write in Hungarian, and two – in Russian.



Vasyl Hust thanked the union members for their participation in the celebration of important regional and state holidays, meetings with readers and creative youth, art festivals and publishing forums, scientific conferences both in the region and far beyond. The head of the writers’ organization expressed special pride in the significant achievements of his colleagues – Miroslav Dochynrts, who in 2013 became the winner of the National Shevchenko Prize, as well as Galina Malyk and Oleksandr Havrosh whose selected works were recently included in the Gold list of recommended literature for children.


After speeches of the participants of the meeting, the election of new chairman took place. Absolute majority of the writers’ organization – 35 of 37 members – participated in the voting. The result of the voting is unprecedented: writers unanimously supported the candidacy of Vasyl Husti showing big respect and trust for the leader.


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