Transcarpathian officials planted 650 trees in an hour

On Saturday, May 5, the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Oleksandr Ledida, his deputy Anton Gromovoy, the heads of departments and other employees of the regional administration joined the all-Ukrainian action "For clean environment", the press service of Regional State Administration informs.

This time was decided to arrange several sites along the highway in the direction of Mukachevo. They were planting pine trees that will beautify the roadside even in winter. Thus, within an hour, officials planted 650 pine trees. Seedlings were provided by "Uzhgorod forestry."

We will know in two weeks how many trees were planted in the whole region, says Alexander Ledida. He promises that the event of planting the trees will continue in autumn, because that is when seedlings root better.

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