Transcarpathian Museum offers a “chronicle of the native land”

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, in the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, there was an opening of the exhibition "Chronicle of native land", which features works by FM Babynets, VM Astalosh, IM Palatash from the stock collection of the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (painting, woodcarving), the museum Facebook page informs.

Many works of folk artists – "real sons and daughters of the Silver Land" – are stored in the stock collection of the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. Among them, works of a woodcarver and an amateur painter – Fedir Babynets – stand out with their taste, knowledge and love for the native land, a sense of material, themes and artistry.
FM Babynets belongs to amateur painters who are called naive folk artists. In their work they used the language of symbols with naive expressive means close to decorative ones. Individual creative style of F Babynets attracts attention with its folk orientation.

A separate group of exhibits on display are the works of Vasyl Astalosh, who was born in 1924 in the village of Polyana in Slalyava district. Since childhood years, Vasyl Astalosh was fond of carving. The first works of the artist were carved birds and animals, but before the war they were taken to Budapest. The portrait genre takes a prominent place in the author’s art. The exhibition is also complemented with the works of Ivan Palatash, born on August 20, 1934, in the village of Tarna Mare (Romania) into a peasant family. In 1946 his parents, natives of Transcarpathia, returned to their native village of Vylok in Vynogradiv district. Since childhood years, he was fond of carving, participated in regional, republican and all-Union exhibitions.

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